Information is Power
Ghost Ship
Stardate 249680

Ghost Ship

Mission Day:
Day 1
Academy Days


  • Heading to sector 715

  • Speed:
  • Warp 5

  • Shields:
  • 100%

  • Hull:
  • 100%

  • Systems:
  • Operational

  • Search Engine Submission - AddMe

    Welcome to the Task Group 47-A Flagship USS Merlin!

    "Magic is believing in yourself, if you can do that, you can make anything happen."

    It has been nearly a decade since the Hobus star exploded destroying Romulus and causing various factions, including the Klingons, to prey on the fractured empire. The year is 2395 and the USS Merlin has been launched at a time of great instability. The Merlin is an Excalibur class ship designed as not only a command carrier, but, as a deep space explorer as well (referred to by her crew lovingly as a warp capable starbase). The Merlin has been outfitted with everything she and her crew will need, from defense forces to the latest scientific equipment to the largest diplomatic area that could fit on the ship and even carries a compliment of civilian specialists. This beautiful giant has been given a twofold assignment; the first to protect an unknown area of space at the farthest borders of the Romulan Empire; recently acquired in the Federation treaties. The second to keep the peace, with a renewed focus on exploration and discovery.

    Here on the Merlin we strive for 1 thing: to have fun writing. We do this by making sure our stories and writing is the best we can make it. None of us are professional writers, however, we still reach for that excellence. As you look around and think about joining what has become our online family, remember, you won't be joining just the Commanding Officers sim, you'll be joining the crew's sim and it will become your sim too, because it is not just one person who makes a sim, but the simmers who make it a sim. So, look around and read our stories then slip into a uniform and jump in!

    Commander Melody Jones
    Commanding Officer
    USS Merlin
    Lieutenant Marbim Rejal
    Executive Officer
    USS Merlin
    Commander Caroline Miller
    2nd Officer
    USS Merlin


    Home of the Golden PADD 2018 Winner

    Sim Awards

    Latest News Items

    » Joint Mission with the USS Andromeda

    Posted on Saturday 11 April 2020 @ 17:03 by Commander Melody Jones in General News

    Hello all

    I hope you are all keeping well in these strange and uncertain times. As some of you already know, we are starting a joint mission with the USS Andromeda (Task Fleet 72). For this mission, Merlin crew members have had their characters duplicated on the Andromeda for writing Jp's. Also, they have been added to the Andromeda discord channel. If anyone has not seen the link or would like to join in, just apply to the Andromeda and copy and past in basic information only about your character. Please select USS Merlin crew under Character Position. In your character's last name please also put their position on the Merlin (E.g. Science officer.) When Joint posts are complete, they will be copied on to the Merlin site.

    Hope to see you all there. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact either myself or the USS Andromeda site.

    Keep safe everyone.

    Melody Jones

    » Mission Notes update

    Posted on Wednesday 4 March 2020 @ 10:25 by Commander Melody Jones in General News

    Hello all

    I hope you are all well. Communication has been very quiet the last month. If people are under the impression I've not been available I do apologize. I recently started a new job in RL and I'm still in the process of getting settled in. I'm including myself in this but there have been very few joint posts and at the moment there are only about 4 JP's saved for editing (Not including those by people who have left.)

    I've now updated the mission notes to hopefully give people ideas for each department during this mission These are meant as guides/suggestions to help with joint/solo posts. They are not set in stone :-). If one or more point is common across departments, they can be used in collaborations:-

    Command:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, Testing new systems, readiness drills

    Strat Ops:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, tactical reports on the new region of space, analysis of potential threats

    Security / Tactical:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, Testing new systems, readiness drills, analysis of potential threats, tactical reports on the new region of space

    Operations:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, Testing new systems, readiness drills

    Engineering:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, Testing new systems, Troubleshooting problems.

    Science:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, Planetary survey and cataloging astronomical phenomenon in Sector 715.

    Medical Counseling:- Getting familiar with upgraded systems, Physical and psychological crew evaluations, Dealing with bumps and bruises.

    Marines:- Getting familiar with new team members, Advance recon of Sector 715

    These are not exclusive and please don't let it stop people's own ideas for solo/joint posts/Personal logs.

    If anyone has any thoughts on what to include in this mission or how to proceed, I'm all ears. I'm assuming everyone is happy with the current mission idea as nobody has told me otherwise. I'm always willing to listen if anyone has problems, concerns or if you just want to chat. If I'm not on Discord at that moment, feel free to leave a message (I am trying to check in more regularly) or send a Personal message through the Merlin site or drop me an email. I'm also open to suggestions for new and upcoming missions.

    There could also be the possibility of a joint mission with another sim if people would be up for that. I'm not sure how it would work at the moment, the logistics haven't been finalized but it might involve wiring post by email or using google docs.

    Don't be a stranger :-)

    Commander Melody Jones

    » Update

    Posted on Sunday 16 February 2020 @ 22:24 by Commander Melody Jones in General News

    Hey guys

    I hope everybody is ok. If anyone has any subplots they want to get up and running or if anyone is having trouble getting inspiration for writing please don't hesitate to get in touch with me or any of the command team for help. I would like to keep the momentum going and get people posting again.

    If anyone also has any concerns or general questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

    Melody Jones

    » Writing challenges and Awards

    Posted on Monday 20 January 2020 @ 09:49 by Commander Melody Jones in General News

    Hello all

    I'm planning to introduce writing challenges every month to encourage more JP's. At the end of the year, the writers who have completed the most challenges will be placed into a draw and the winner will receive a prize (probably funny and or ironic). Could any Jp's wanting to be included in that months writing challenge have the suffix (Month C) eg. (Jan C).

    I know its rather late in January so this month I'll make it fairly easy. To celebrate the launch of Star Trek Picard, see how many Picard quotes or references you can fit into a JP. Since it is a leap year, the number 29 will be included somehow in February's challenge.

    I also want to resume crew awards each month so if anyone has any nominations for this month please get them in.

    Melody Jones

    » Merry Christmas

    Posted on Sunday 22 December 2019 @ 23:55 by Commander Melody Jones in General News

    Hello all

    I'd just like to wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year for 2020.


    Latest News From Around The Fleet

    » Task Force 29 March 2020 UoM

    Task Force 29 doesn’t often get nominations for Silver Unit Of Merit with being such a small band of sims but for March one was selected by Sharr and I am pleased to announce it. Congratulations to USS Defiant “The Defiant has been just that. Previous AU simulations have never been a massive success, they… Read More »Task Force 29 March 2020 UoM

    » Starfleet dispatches USS Triton to assist Cardassian kanar colony

    By Brox Brott and Juan Diego Ordez PRA GRAV, Arsakon VII (FNN) — At the request of the Detapa Council, Starfleet’s Office of Strategic Operations (OSO) has diverted the Luna-class USS Triton to Cardassian space to investigate an ongoing tachyon-based temporal phenomenon that is causing widespread devastation across Arsakon VII, the Cardassian Union’s leading exporter… Read More »Starfleet dispatches USS Triton to assist Cardassian kanar colony

    » USS Majestic Missing

    The USS Majestic has been reported missing after not checking in as ordered two days ago.  It is unclear at this point when they may have vanished as they were on a diplomatic mission to ferry a princess to Sozon II and were running with as little communications as possible at the request of the… Read More »USS Majestic Missing

    » Outbreak!

    The Federation colony on Jouret IV has had a troubled existence since its founding. While it flourished, it was always in the shadow of the threat of the Romulans just across the Neutral Zone. And then twenty-five years ago New Providence colony was the site of one of the Federation’s first contacts with the Borg… Read More »Outbreak!

    » Starbase 50 Attacked

    ?Starbase 50 is currently closed to all incoming and outgoing traffic.? This was the line Captain Thomas Rice, the station?s Commanding Officer, sounded over official channels shortly after the station went on full lockdown. Rumors suggest that almost the entire station?s population has been rendered unconscious. This Reporter has tried to reach Admiral Harrington?s office;… Read More »Starbase 50 Attacked

    Latest Mission Posts

    » Answering the call

    Mission: Race against the machine - Joint Mission with USS Andromeda
    Posted on Friday 29 May 2020 @ 15:59 by Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal


    The Merlin was currently cruising along at warp 5 on her way to sector 715 for routine mapping and patrol. Melody was on the bridge but she was uneasy. She had a knot in her stomach. Instead of sitting in the Captain's chair, she was pacing the bridge.


    » Information is Power

    Mission: Ghost Ship
    Posted on Friday 10 April 2020 @ 15:01 by Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem & Ensign Solara


    Rionuj had just finished going over the data collected by his subordinates and made his way to the bridge. He noticed that his CO was not in her chair and made his way to her Ready Room. He pressed the chime at the door.

    Melody called out "Come!"


    » Departure Stations

    Mission: Ghost Ship
    Posted on Friday 28 February 2020 @ 22:29 by Commander Melody Jones & Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal & Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Lieutenant Michael Ki MD & Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding & Master Chief Petty Officer Harris Zim & Lieutenant JG Ricardo Draxx


    Melody walked onto the bridge and sat down in the Captains's Chair. "All hands Departure stations!"

    She turned to tactical "Get me the dockmaster."

    Marbim looks up as the Captain enters the bridge. Nodding at her, he returns to his console, ensuring that his section is prepped and ready…

    » Gathering Intelligence

    Mission: Ghost Ship
    Posted on Tuesday 11 February 2020 @ 18:37 by Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem & Ensign Malia Nex & Warrant Officer Endymion Vakamen

    Rio had just stepped into the lower level of the TIC. He right knuckles were still itching from his recent visit to the infirmary. Upon his entrance to his domain Malia had brought him a cup of flavored java.

    "You are a blessing from the Spirits," said Rio to the…

    » Black Badge Part 3

    Mission: Ghost Ship
    Posted on Sunday 9 February 2020 @ 16:42 by Commander Melody Jones & Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal

    Rionuj had just finished getting his bones reset and knitted by the skilled talents of the ship's surgeon. Rio didn't even fight to keep a scar as he always did. He was en route to deck one in a turbo lift that had stopped three times since he got on.…

    Latest Personal Logs

    » New Beginings

    Posted on Saturday 14 March 2020 @ 20:29 by Commander Melody Jones


    Personal Log:- Commander Melody Jones

    The Merlin is now en route to sector 715 for a routine patrol as well as exploration and planetary survey mission. To be honest, it seems like a long time since we undertook a purely scientific and research mission It will be a welcome…

    » New Beginnings

    Posted on Monday 6 January 2020 @ 14:09 by Commander Melody Jones


    Personal log:-

    We have returned to the Merlin after shoe leave on Risa to find that most of our key systems have been upgraded and or replaced. Engineers! They love to change things. Let’s hope these changes are for the better. Draxx and I finally tied the knot. It…

    » Internal Musings

    Posted on Tuesday 10 December 2019 @ 17:54 by Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding


    Personal Log; Lieutenant JG Hayley Godding

    Well, I'm on Risa, and true to my usual form, I've managed to land myself into a situation.

    I thought I'd finally gotten to get some rest and relaxation by coming to the one place in the galaxy that you're guarenteed to have…

    » First Log

    Posted on Thursday 5 December 2019 @ 19:49 by Lieutenant Commander Rionuj ch'Anidem

    Chief Strategic Operations Officer log,

    This is my first entry since accepting my reassignment to the USS Merlin. In my three days aboard I have been working on retrofitting the Tactical Information Center on decks 4 and 5. I've met with the chief of security and the heads of the…

    » Time to relax

    Posted on Wednesday 4 December 2019 @ 21:16 by Commander Melody Jones


    Personal log. Commander Melody Jones.

    We’ve arrived at Risa and today I’ve decided to nothing and rest afterwards. Sansa and Draxx have gone fishing. Sansa is keen to learn from her father and he is still going on about catching that damn spiny fish.

    I’m lying next to a…