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New Mission

Posted on Saturday 2 September 2023 @ 12:37 by Captain Melody Jones

Hello all

So we're kicking off a new mission on the Merlin:

The Search

In their previous mission, the USS Merlin suffered some extensive damage to their beloved Excalibur class ship. Luckily they managed to get to Deep Space 21 for some repairs and upgrades and some much needed rest and relaxation for the crew. A must for the crew they found themselves laughing and finding new ways to enjoy themselves so they could go back to work recharged and refreshed.

It has been a while since they departed DS21, their mission one of exploration. However a faint call cut short has led to the Merlin being detected adrift, their power dangerously low and in need of assistance. The ship itself devoid of life, where are the crew? Why is the ship adrift? What happened?

Can you be the one that makes the discovery that finds them? The officer that saves the day and the crew from the unknown? Time might be running out, you’ll just have to join and save them before it's too late!


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Category: General News

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