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Actions, reactions, and repercussions

Posted on Monday 20 September 2021 @ 06:38 by Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Captain Melody Jones

Mission: First Contact
Location: Obervation lounge
Timeline: MD1 0830
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Anya waited until everyone had gone before raising her eyes to meet those of the Captains. She found she had not moved from the chair at the opposite end of the conference table and had her own gaze fixed on the Chief Medical Officer. Her mouth moved as if to speak, to express her sorrow, her disgust at her lack of command ability, the lack of consideration for consequences but all she did was highlight her own aquatic heritage. Instead, she brought her gaze back down to stare at the tabletop allowing the Captain to say her peace.

Melody took a deep breath. "So.... Do you want to tell me what the hell happened down there?"

"I made a mistake. I was careless and I risked not only the lives of my team but that of the planet's population. I have no excuses and I am fully prepared to tender my resignation!"
She remained rigid, unmoving with a steely gaze covering her desire to allow the tears to fall. "I have let you and the ship down sir!"

"You're damn right you made a mistake." Melody was not happy but she was keeping her voice low. "You not only endangered yourself and the rest of the away team, you almost destroyed an entire planet! Granted you did recover Commander Miller and the planet is still there, two factions that were at war have come together to work peacefully is probably the only reason you're here and not in the Brigg."

Melody took a breath, letting her anger subside. "You also know that if I wasn't pregnant, they would be able to hear this conversation in the next room but stress and me shouting like a banshee would not be good for the babies so count yourself lucky." she took another breath. "No, I do not accept your resignation at this time."

She could feel the moisture building in the corner of her eyes so clenched her jaw to prevent the overflow with no success. A single tear started to track it's way across her cheeks down to her tendrils. She said nothing but kept her eyes fixed on a point on the wall just above the Captain's head long enough to find the strength to control her voice enough to whisper "I'm sorry!"

Melody took a deep breath. "Yes... I can see that you are. I'm going to have to put a formal reprimand on your record for this. I'm hoping that you're going to learn from this incident and not make such a mistake again. You're a good officer and you show real potential."

"Captain... I felt completely out of my depth when the gauntlet was thrown down... If it had been a simple data gathering then that would have been one thing but to be confronted with what we found... I was not prepared and I made poor Command choices" she paused for a moment to steel her resolve and again find the strength to hold a steady voice. "I have no right to make this request sir but as your Chief Medical Officer may I request to be accepted on the Bridge Officer Examination. The training may help me in future!"

Melody raised an eyebrow and thought about it for a moment. "That... That sounds like a good idea, I'll make the necessary arrangements."

The Benzite wanted to sob at the Captain agreeing to her request, it would make nothing better from her mistake but it may help her make better choices and use better judgement in the future.
"Thank you Captain!"

"Don't thank me just yet." Melody said with a cautious smile. "The bridge officers test is no walk in the park, Doctor. But I'm confident you'll rise to the challenge."

"I have no choice Captain. I let you, the ship but most importantly I let myself down... If this will help improve me as an officer and to at least start building your trust in me again then I have to do this!"
Still standing like a marble statue, only her mouth moving.

"Very good Doctor." Melody said and paused "Please, at ease before you sprain something."

"That I can deal with Captain... When should I expect this Bridge Officer Exam to begin and who will it be with?"
She asked, remaining as still as before and not moving to acquiesce to the Captain's request.

Melody replied. "Bridge officer training normally falls to the first officer so.... Commander Rejal will be putting you through your paces. I need to speak with him first but you should expect him calling on you as early as this evening."

"Aye sir" is all she said remaining as still and rigid as she had been the entire conversation.

Melody sighed. "If you're going to be a bridge officer, you've got to learn to relax more. Trust me, you're going to need it. Dismissed."


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin


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