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Lieutenant Nir’anyar

Name Nir’anyar

Position Assistant Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Benzite
Age 29

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 98lb
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color Violet
Physical Description Benzite have no body hair and blue skin that grows in hue as they age. They also have instead of hair a number of short tentacles, four to eight, two on either side of the mouth and two that appear at the side of the head. It is assumed that evolution has made these appendages obsolete, similar to the Human tail bone. They also have a small set of gills hidden in the tentacles at the back of her neck. Again this is evolutionary throw back to a time when the Benzite were an aquatic species. It does however allow Nir’anyar to survive under water for extended periods of time but not indefinitely.


Father Garn'teth
Mother Mohya

Personality & Traits

General Overview As with most of her species she embodies elegance and diplomacy along with a caring if sometimes abrupt nature.
Never one to jump in feet first Nir’anyar must weigh everything through before making her own judgment. She will always be there for anyone be it just to listen or as a sounding board.
Reason and logic over the heat of the moment yet she has one failing that will over ride everything that she stands for and that is the Romulan Species.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength comes from within, and her reservoir of calm serenity has served her well over the years with one exception to that rule. She can often be seen as the eye of a storm, moving from patient to patient with an ease that makes it appear as if she is unaware of the chaos around her. The exception comes in the form of the Romulan people. They forced her and her crew into servitude after killing the rest of her crew and ship. Her hatred for the Romulan’s is so deep routed that she will likely never adapt to a situation involving the Romulan’s.
Ambitions To truly be at peace with oneself again.
Hobbies & Interests Study of Culture. Music from all corners of the galaxy.

Medical Record

Personal History Nir’anyar was born on the Benzite colony world of Ju’Hila and her childhood started in a reign of fire as at the time of her birth her homeworld was undergoing severe changes. Her planets orbit had always run the risk of drawing it to close to a quantum singularity at the very outskirts of their system, but for two century’s it had managed to avoid the gravitational forces and tidal stresses, but each year the planets orbit brought it fractionally closer. Unfortunately it was only a matter of time until the inevitable happened and several months before her birth the first symptoms of a doomed planet started to surface. Tectonic instability, Volcanic eruptions such as the planet had never seen before, clouds of ash and poisonous gases were being spewed out into the atmosphere slowly sending the planet in a deadly almost nuclear winter.

She was born in the capital city, Yarish’Yavell, only seventeen days before the planet was evacuated onto several hundred transport vessels. Millions were still left behind as Benzar and the Federation were unable to help this world in plight as they were both otherwise embroiled with the Dominion war.

Most of her childhood meant she was raised on the Transport Nassalia. It became the home to seventy families for a four years. It was only after this time that Benzar and the Federation was in a position to turn its attention to helping this in plight within its own boarders.

At the age of eighteen, barely out of her childhood, Nir’anyar started to develop a keen interest in the medical sciences and started to train at Starfleet Medical. She seemed to have a talent for medicine and it wasn’t long before she was leading her class in grades and performance.

She soon proved her worth as a Medical Officer and was chosen as junior Doctor after graduating the academy for a small exploratory vessel. She was part of the team that landed on a planet that seemed to have the correct properties for colonization, high moisture in the air, ninety present of the surface was covered by water and the atmosphere had a high content of oxygen. She was reporting back to the her vessel when they reported an attack by an unknown species. They had trespassed on the territory of an unknown species and they had taken action to rid them from the planet. Nir’anyar and the landing party watched as their ship was sent crashing into the atmosphere, its flaming wreck streaking across the horizon until the planets gravity pulled her to the surface with a devastating impact.

No one survived the crash, and the unknown enemy were soon transporting down to round up the few stragglers on the surface. The leader of the aliens introduced them as Romulan’s and also informed them that they would now become the property of the Romulan Star Empire and work back their crime with a life of servitude.

The next twelve years were spent working in the mines of Remus alongside some of the most terrifying beings she had met, the Remans.

A year after her incarceration started she was being transported by shuttle, she had no idea where. The shuttle was attacked, along with the convoy heading for a Romulan research outpost. It had been a bloody battle and at some time during the chaos the guards securing their cells had been killed by an exploding conduit, it had also caused the death of four of her friends and colleagues. They moved quickly and quietly, through the ship they knew nothing about until finally they found the escape pods.

Once the battle was over a Klingon battleship collected the pods and after a lengthy interrogation they handed them over to the Federation. Immediately Nir’anyar returned to active duty and was posted to the USS Tolstoy where she remained for several years, watching relations with Romulas improve up until the time their sun went Nova. Shortly after this she transferred to the USS Merlin.