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Good Morning

Posted on Thursday 30 July 2020 @ 21:24 by Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Lieutenant Hayley Godding

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: Godding's quarters
Timeline: MD3 0800
1653 words - 3.3 OF Standard Post Measure


Sansa stirred and her eyes fluttered open. She smiled "Good Morning there beautiful."

Stirring from her slumber, Hayley looked over and was pleased to see Sansa laying next to her. She smiled and reached out her hand to stroke her face. "Good Morning yourself georgous." She said, propping herself up on her elbow. "I could get used to this."

She sat up and stretched out. "I don't know about you but i'm starving. Breakfast? I don't suppose I could borrow a robe?"

"Help yourself." Hayley said as she pulled herself out of bed and threw on a baggy t-shirt and a pair of shorts before she started picking up the clothing that was strewn about the place. "I'm afraid my kitchenette doesn't have any fresh ingredients for food, but the replicator works just fine." She said, as she tossed her used clothing into the hamper to clean up later, making sure she separated out Sansa's clothes, which she placed neatly on the armchair in the corner. "I don't have duty today, so shall we eat together?"

"Sounds wonderful," Sansa replied as she put on a robe and tied it loosely around her middle. " I may either have to replicate or borrow something to wear, I didn't really bring a change of clothing." She blushed slightly "If that's ok?"

"Don't fancy the walk of shame back to your quarters - literally two hundred yards to the right?" Hayley teased. "Sure, knock yourself out, what's mine is yours."

Having got sort of dressed, Sansa headed for the replicator." I don't know about you but I'm in the mood for..... waffles, and some bacon and maybe an egg and a glass of orange juice. What about you?" she asked as she tapped away at the replicator control.

"Considering the work-out the previous night, I could use a full english." Hayley said as she came into the living area. "Oh, and a coffee... gotta have me some coffee in the morning."

Sansa smiled. "Coming up. "I'll get yours first." She worked the controls and a big plate appeared which she brought over to the breakfast bar. She then went back and came back with a coffee pot and a glass of orange juice. " I might try some coffee. Mom sware's by it but it's not something I'm big into. Would you like some juice as well."

"Sure, might as well have something healthy with my big plate of cholesterol and my mug of heart-attack." Hayley chuckled as she took a seat at the bar. "So, you're not a coffee drinker? Well, I guess you become one when you work as it ends up being the beverage of choice for working people. It has the benefit of being caffeinated so keeps you alert plus its a great social thing. Of course, you need milk and sugar in it, else it tastes like ass - and not good ass either."

Sansa raised an eyebrow and chuckled "Ass eh?" She got her breakfast and her juice from the replicator and set it down on the bar. She went back one last time and paused. She then thought for a moment, what was that coffee mom was always drinking? "Computer. Give me a racktajino with a hint of vanilla please."

A large mug appeared and she took hold of it and sniffed it. It almost blew her head off. "Wow, Mom sure likes the strong stuff." She came back and set the mug down. "Maybe after breakfast. Have you tried this?"

"Woah, Klingon coffee? You're brave." Hayley smirked. "Only real caffiene freaks drink that shit straight up. I'd suggest something a bit tamer like a nice Jamacian gold blend." She got up and walked over to the replicator. "Computer, one Jamacian roast gold blend coffee with cream and brown sugar." The void whirred and from thin air appeared a white steaming mug with light brown liquid. "Here, try this, it's what my mother drinks."

Sansa had a sniff and screwed her eyes up. After the Klingon coffee, this one smelt rather bland. "Maybe," She said as she took a mouthful of waffle. "I suppose we're both like out mothers in a way," she said as she drank her orange juice. "Like mom, I like flaying fast. I remember the first time she let me pilot a shuttle, almost crashed on the landing but it was really fun. What was your mom like?"

"Hard to really say." Hayley said as she dunked a bit of sausage in her egg yolk. "Neither of my parents were really around much when I was growing up. I'd see snippets of them from time to time, but to say they were absentee parents would be a fair assessment. She liked to work long hours, come home late at night, go to sleep then be gone by morning. From what little I remember, she was a kind woman who invested a lot of her life into helping refugees across the Federation, would often go away for months at a time to help other children - forgetting her own. In a way, its both laudable and terrible." She sighed. "You know, I do envy your close relationship with your mother. I know it can't have been easy for any of you, with your rapid aging and all, never having that childhood experience, but you're so close and connected with both your parents who are both heavily involved in your life. Mine... well... I never measured up to my older brother, no matter how hard I worked."

Sansa smiled "I really do love mom. She likes to spend as much time with me as she can. I think it comes from the fact that we both lost a big chunk of our childhood. Dad's great too, I'd like to spend more time with him. He was on a deep space mission when I was born and when we met I was already 13 years old. He was.... shocked, to say the least. I don't have any brothers or sisters, though I often imagine what it would be like to have one." She put her hand on Hayleys. "I'm sure they didn't always compare you to your brother. You are amazing."

Hayley put her hand on top of Sansa's. "I appreciate you saying that, but they genuinely did. Not all parents are as good as yours I'm afraid. But I have a really close bond with my little sisters, since I had to basically raise them. One day I hope to introduce you to Ashley and Katie, I reckon they'd get a kick out of you." She smiled. "I suppose Luke might wanna meet you as well, but he's always been Mister Perfect, so maybe he might think his younger sister's girlfriend a bit lacklustre for his high-paced lifestyle..." She added bitterly.

"Is he really that bad?" Sansa asked as she finished her breakfast and picked up her raktajino. "If you're happy, and you seem happy to me" she added with a smile "Surely, that would make him happy for you,?" She took a sip and eyes went wide. "Whoa! THat's a spicy meatball!" She coughed slightly and tried to regain her composure. "What does he do anyway?" She managed to get out.

Hayley had to recompose herself at Sansa's somewhat overreaction to the raktajino. "I told you that shit is strong." She grinned. "As for Luke... you know... we don't talk all that much. Last time I spoke with him, he was working with a prospecting company on some joint venture with the Ferengi. It's so weird that I'm so close with my younger sisters but so estranged from my older brother and my parents. I comm my sisters at least twice a week. They know all about you of course. Katie's still in high school so finds all this romantic stuff really interesting, whereas Ashley's doing her bachelors in social studies, so she's all sophisticated and that crap. She has a boyfriend that I think might be the one this time, since he's stuck around for a good year at this point."

"I think you know my feeling about Ferengi..." Sansa shuddered slightly as she remembered her encounter on Risa. It was not something she was eager to repeat.

"Your sisters sounds really great, I'd love to meet them... Wait a minute. You told your sisters about me?" She asked as she took another sip of her coffee, getting used to the strong taste really quickly. "All good things, I hope?"

"Of course I told my sisters about you! You think I wouldn't tell them about the best thing in my life right now? Even if they are lightyears away, they can tell when I'm hiding stuff. They always could." Hayley grinned. "Besides, why would I hide you? You're amazing." She leaned over and gave Sansa a small kiss. "Even if you do snore..."

Sansa's hands flew to her chest in mock horror and she put on her best shocked expression. "Me! Snore? Never" She then changed to a mischievous grin. "At least I don't hog all the covers. So what would you like to do today since you don't have duty? The arboretum? the ship's library? Mom says the ship's librarian is an interesting chap. What do you feel like?"

Hayley pondered for a moment. "Well, out of preference, something where I don't get wet. Beyond that, I'll let you pick." She smirked and put a finger on Sansa's nose. "Although I have to say a library isn't really conducive to a date unless I'm helping you with your homework from some terrible American romance flick."

Sansa thought for a moment. "How about the spa on deck 20? We can have a massage, facial, get totally pampered. Also, I'm thinking of getting my hair done. What d'you think?"

"Sounds good to me! I need a pamper day." Hayley smiled.

Sansa beamed. “Great. Let’s go.”



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