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Engineering Report

Posted on Monday 3 August 2020 @ 00:43 by Lieutenant Breana Rathburn & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: A Whale of a problem (We're going to need a bigger boat)
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: MD2 1200
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Having missed the Chief engineer yesterday when her and Rajel had made their inspection of the ship, Melody decided to re-visit engineering to see if she could catch up with Lieutenant Rathburn. Her conversation with Caroline was still ticking over in her mind.

Melody entered engineering and headed over to the warp core and just stood for a moment. Having been both a pilot and an engineer, this was a thing of beauty to her.

Silent steps carried Breana though her department as she took everything in with a soft smile. IT was a quiet day so far, nothing had broke at least not majorly, after all, there was always the random replicator that someone tried to tinker with and ended up causing it to go screwy.

Spotting the Commander, a slow deep breath was taken as she made her way towards the woman. Softly, so not to starter her, she spoke. "It's always a wonderous thing to envision isn't it?"

Rathburn's voice snapped Melody out of her reverie. "It is indeed." Melody agreed and turned to her "Ahh, there you are Lieutenant. We came down yesterday but we missed you. I must say the repairs have been to the highest standard Lieutenant. So what is our current engine status?"

"I had heard I'd missed you, sorry about that. There was a slight issue I had to take care of. I'm glad you are pleased with the repairs. As it stands right now, the engines are running smoothly and ready to be pushed full out whenever you want." Breana said with as she held her attention on the Commander.

"Good." Melody smiled at her and continued. "In regards to our current mission, I want to create a shielded energy reserve. The first probe that encountered Earth used a signal that disabled every power source on every ship and starbase that it encountered. Now, while this is a first contact situation and, while I hope for the best, I'd like to be prepared for the worst. In the highly unlikely event that they should use that capability again, I'd like to be ready."

"I'll get right on that so we are ready when the time comes. Just in case." Bree said with a slight nod, she knew well enough that if one doesn't prepare for the worst, the worst usually happens. "I'll keep you updated on it and let you know when I have it ready so we can do a field test if you wish."

Melody nodded. "Let us hope we don't have to use it.I've already got Godding working on security. Let's just say she's highly motivated to find out what happened to the Darwin. What are your thoughts on this turn of events? An opportunity for first contact?"

Nodding as she listened, there was a slight cant of her head in thought. "I'm hoping for first contact," Bree said, that southern draw of her's heard a little more with the excitement building within at just the meet thought of being the first to meet a new species.

Melody thought for a moment as she remembered "I was showing Commander Tillatix a holographic whale earlier and let her hear some recorded whale song. Apparently, Mephetians are more sensitive to whale song than humans are. Of course, the ultimate aim would be to devise a way to translate whale song but scientists are still struggling with that. I know it's a long shot but could you assign a team to look into creating a translation matrix. Even a vague idea would be better than nothing."

"I know just the team I can put together for that project." While she knew the team, she wasn't quite sure how they would get that figured out. Then again, perhaps one of them might get lucky with some odd way of getting something to work for a translation set up. "It wouldn't be the first time someone's gotten lucky with a long-shot idea. So perhaps we might on this one too."

Melody smiled. "Good. As I said, it's a long shot. We know that these aliens have communicated with Humpback whales, beyond that we know nothing. What did the whales tell the aliens about humans? Hopefully the fact that some humans saved them from a whaling ship and brought them into the future counts for something. Who knows, they might speak perfect English as well? You might want to co-ordinate with Commander Tillatix. Her unique insight into these whale songs could be useful."

"I've only we could get that lucky," Bree said with the thought of the English speaking aliens? A slight nod of her head hearing the commander's suggestion. "I'll make sure I and my team set up a meeting with the Commander. Hopefully, we can set something up."

"Very good lieutenant. Keep me informed of your progress and let me know if you need anything else. Carry on." Melody had one last glance at the warp core before heading out of engineering.

"Will do Commander," Breana said softly as she turned and eyed the warp core herself a moment. While she was still struggling at times with her emotions, she now had a lot to keep her mind focused on. With a deep breath, she turned and headed to catch Doyle for a fast meeting.



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