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The Search begins

Posted on Sunday 19 November 2023 @ 14:54 by Captain Melody Jones & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Commander Caroline Miller & Lieutenant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq

Mission: The Search
Location: USS Freeman Dyson
Timeline: MD 1 1800
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Captains Log... Supplemental. After having our repairs completed in record time, we were dispatched to determine the fate of the USS Merlin after a distress call was received. We departed Starbase just under 10 hours ago and we pushing our engines to reach the coordinates. We're also currently operating on a skeleton crew but I've been most impressed with the resourcefulness and determination of my crew. I only hope was can find the Merlin and her crew in one piece.

Captain Edward Smith
USS Freeman Dyson

There was an air of tension on the bridge. Partly because the crew knew they were on a rescue mission and time was of the essence and partly due to the mild vibration coming through the deck as a result of exceeding their maximum top warp speed. The chief engineer had assured the captain the ship could take it.

The Captain was less sure.

"Captain, we're picking up a vessel." Came the report from tactical.

Smith banged his fist on his chair arm. "Finally, is it the Merlin?"

"Negative. It's a shuttle.... wait... It's transmitting a distress call. Shuttlecraft.... It's the Camelot! it's registered to the Merlin.

Captain Smith stood. "Bring us out of warp and prepare a tractor beam See if you can scan for lifesigns. Commander Ras, Ensign Carlile, please report to the bridge.

The ensign at tactical reported. "Sir. I'm picking up 3 life signs. 2 of those look like they're in suspended animation. The 3rd appears human. The shuttle has lost main power and propulsion. It's drifting, life support is on battery reserves.

The Suttle appeared on the main viewer, slowly rotating through space.

The ensign on Engineering looked in the Captain's direction, "Locking on tractor beam sir,"

Moments later the turbolift door opened and Commander Ras walked onto the bridge, shortly followed by Ensign Carlile. "Have you found something, Captain?" Ras asked as he approached the Captain's Chair.

The Captain stood as they approached. "Yes, one of the Merlin's shuttlecraft. It appears to be adrift."

As he spoke, the shuttle on the main viewer was suddenly snagged by the ship's tractor beam.

"Bring it into the shuttlebay." The Captain ordered as he started towards the turbolift, indicating to Ras and Carlile that they should follow him. Commander, Ensign, you're with me. Have Sickbay send a medical team to the shuttlebay. You have the bridge Lieutenant Collins."

The Captain's party made their way to the shuttlebay. The shuttle was now secure when they arrived and the bay door was closing. Carlise had her tricorder out already. "Confirmed. Standard type 8 shuttle Camelot. There's some hull damage, over stress."

The captain was already working the door control which opened with a whoosh as fresh air entered the cabin. Inside there was a young woman with red hair sitting at the controls and next to her was a suspended animation travel unit. "And who do we have here?" The Captain mused.

Stephanie entered and then rushed up to the pilot's seat. "This is the Captain's daughter.... Captain Jones's daughter... Sansa."

She reached out and gently touched her shoulder. The young woman stirred and opened her eyes groggily at first. "Where.... I... I know you.... Don't I? " She said, trying to place Stephanie."

Stephanie nodded. "Yes, I served on the Merlin, we chatted a few times. I'm..."

Sansa spoke at the same time "Stephanie! Of Course." She hugged her. "I'm so glad to see you."

One of the medical team that the Captain had requested was now scanning Sansa with a tricorder. "She's fine Captain," he reported before turning his attention to the stasis unit. "I'm showing two lifesings. Both stable and healthy. From these readings, I would surmise they are infants?"

"Yes, those are my brothers," Sansa informed them. "They're only about 14 months old." Mom gave them me to look after before the Nexux hit the ship."

That last statement piqued Captain Smith's curiosity. "The Nexus? Can you tell us what exactly happened?"

Before she could answer, his comm badge sounded. "Bridge to Captain Smith. Sir, We're picking up the Merlin at the edge of our sensor range. Low power readings only and some hull damage. Emergency forcefields appear to be holding. No life signs. All propulsion is offline, life support is stable"

Sansa stood. "I want to help, we need to rescue my Mom and the crew."

The Captain nodded, seeing the determination in her eyes. "Very well. Bridge, get us into transporter range then I'll be leading a search party. Since you have knowledge of the Merlin and its crew, I'm assuming you'd like to come with?" He asked Sansa.

"Most definitely yes Captain." she replied.

"Good, you two better join the party as well," he said to Ras and Carlile. Then, he turned back to Sansa as they headed to the transporter room. "Now, tell us what happened."

"It all happened so fast." Sansa began to explain as they walked. "I was asleep in my quarters when suddenly the ship was at red alert. I thought I better get dressed. I had just finished when my Mom came in carrying the twins. She said there was not much time and she took me to the shuttlebay. She said the engines and the long-range sensors had been sabotaged and now the ship was about to be engulfed by the Nexus.
She loaded the twins into the stasis unit and told me to get back and report to Starfleet. I'd barely cleared the shuttle bay when the ship was caught up in the energy ribbon, The shuttle was thrown clear but damaged. The last I saw of the Merlin it was been dragged along by the Nexus."

"The ship must have been dragged along and then fallen out. The question is, what's happened to the crew?" The Captain mused.

They had reached the transporter room by then.

"I think... They must have been taken into the Nexus." Sansa volunteered. "I've read about it. It damages any ship that gets caught in it but the crew are transported to a place of...." She struggled to find the right words. "A place of pure joy. It may be possible to beam into the Nexus and get the crew back."

"We'll have to extend the range of the transporter so we don't get pulled in ourselves." The Captain noted. "Right, then we're going to send rescue parties over to The Merlin to secure the ship and start making any repairs. I Will lead team alpha along with Commander Ras, Ensign Carlile and Miss Jones. We'll start on the main bridge. Have Lieutenant Paragn report to the transporter room. He will lead team Beta with Ensign Tridi starting in main engineering. Tell him he can use any of the crew he sees fit."

"Bridge to Captain. We're in transporter range of the Merlin."

"Very good. We'll be beaming over. Keep me advised." The Captian replied before heading onto the transporter pad.

"Team alpha you're with me."

Sansa and Ensign Carlile followed the Captain on the pad.

The Andorian nodded as he followed diligently behind the other officers to the transporter pad.

The Captain took a deep breath. "Energise!"


Captain Edward Smith
USS Freeman Dyson
npc Jones

Sansa Draxx-Jones
Marine Biologist
USS Merlin

Ensign Stephanie Carlile
npc Jones

Lieutanant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq


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