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Your skills are required for a job

Posted on Monday 13 November 2023 @ 17:36 by Admiral David Jackson & Lieutenant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq & Lieutenant JG Wintrow Paragon

Mission: The Search
Location: Starbase 185
Timeline: MD 1 0800
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NAME: Stephanie Carlile
RANK: Ensign
Previous posting: USS Merlin, Engineering Specialist
Current posting: Starbase 185, Engineering division
Info: Joined the Merlin under Captain Barstow. Served 3 tours. Transferred to Starbase 185 before Merlin departed on last mission due to engineering rotation program. Expected to rejoin the ship in 1 year's time.

Stephanie sat in the crew lounge drinking her morning coffee. Her shift didn't start for another hour, so she went over last night's repair log to see if anything stood out.

Ras walked into the main crew lounge of Starbase 185 with a padd in his hand and a determined look on his face. He scanned the room with his eyes looking for a particular officer that was on his list by Admiral Jackson.

His stomach rumbled with hunger as the smell of the morning's breakfast service hit his nose and he cursed under his breath for not eating before starting to work his way through his list.

The crew lounge was busy, of course, which made it difficult to pinpoint any one person. He'd rather not go table to table as if looking for a criminal.

Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of the person he was looking for. He glanced down at the PADD to confirm the likeness before approaching that table. "Ensign Carlile?' He asked after clearing his throat.

"Yes.." She replied before looking up and realising she was addressing a superior office immediately added "...Sir. Can I help you Commander?"

"I'm Commander Ras. I believe you used to serve aboard the Merlin?" He asked.

His question momentarily confused her. It was the last thing she had been expecting him to ask. "Errr. Yes. Yes Sir. My last assignment was onboard the Merlin and I'm scheduled back there on my next assignment."

She smiled to herself. She had enjoyed her time onboard and was looking back to returning. She had fund that she rather be serving on a starship instead of a starbase.
But presently she had noticed some irregularities in one of the entries in last night's maintenance log and since she enjoyed a good mystery, her eyes kept straying back to the PADD she had been working on, trying to find her place again.

"If I may inquire Sir, Why do you ask?" she queried, still more interested in the PADD.

"Can I pull you away for a moment? I need to discuss something with you." Ras asked before quickly glancing around the mess to find a quiet corner to speak.

The tone of his voice caused her to look up and regarded him curiously.

"OK..." She responded as she turned off her PADD and stood up and followed him. Something was going on.

Once they were in a quiet part of mess Ras gave her the explanation she wanted. "We've received a distress call from the Merlin. We're not sure what's going on but it seems the Merlin's ECH has been activated and that's who sent the distress call. I'm putting a team together to head out and investigate what's going on. As a former member of the ship, and soon to be rejoining, I wondered if you would assist me in this investigation?" The Andorian said.

Stephanie's look of curiosity morphed into one of shock as her hand went to her mouth. "My God! It must have been something catastrophic for the ECH to be activated. Of course, I'll assist in any way I can. I have friends onboard who I very much would like to see again..."

A thought suddenly occurred to her "Wait, I know Lieutenant Paragon who is currently serving on the Merlin is on leave here at the moment. I saw him the other day in the crew lounge. He could also be useful?"

"A Lieutenant Para..." Ras began to make a note of the name but didn't quite catch the name entirely.

"Paragon." Stephanie repeated. "I believe he is one of the fighter pilots. I was also told there was a new Chief flight officer joining but I don't know who that is. When are we leaving?"

Just then Ras's communicator beeped. "Jackson to Commander Ras. The USS Freeman Dyson will be ready in the next 30 minutes. She's not ideal for this type of rescue mission but time is of the essence. She's currently docked at bay 10 and her Captain is expecting you but he's operating on a skeleton crew."

"Understood, Admiral." Ras replied as he finished making a note of the Lieutenant's name. "There's a Lieutenant Paragon who is on shore leave from the Merlin and a new Chief Flight Officer. Would you be able to contact them and have them report to the Freeman Dyson?"

"Will do, Jackson out."

"Looks like we're leaving now." Stephanie said.

"I'm sorry to cut your breakfast short but time is of the essence," Ras replied in an apologetic tone.

"No need to apologise Commander, I'm eager to get started. I hope that everyone is ok."

Just then there was a Station wide announcement.

"Attention. Lieutenant Paragon and Ensign Tridi. Report to the USS Freeman Dyson, docking bay 12. Immediately."

The holographic boat rocked as Wintrow was startled from his thoughts by the sudden summons. He'd been enjoying a little extended leave and was set to rejoin the Merlin at a later date. "Acknowledged," he answered, then yelped as the boat decided to tip and spill him into the water. "Computer, end program and transport me to the Freeman Dyson."

Still dripping wet, the young pilot smiled sheepishly. "Permission to come aboard and get cleaned up?"

Captain Smith looked at the wet Lieutenant who had materialised onboard his ship and the growing wet spot on his deck and sighed. "Yes, permission granted. We've assigned you temporary quarters on deck 4, section 2. You can go and get cleaned up. We'll be departing shortly once Commander Th... Th.... Commander Ras and Ensign Carlile have joined us.
The commander will give you the full details of your mission. I just hope we can be of use. We're only a small ship and whatever happened must have been significant to disable an Excalibur class starship."

The young pilot nodded. "Right away sir, I won't be long," he promised and rushed off


[●●●●] Admiral David Jackson
Commanding Officer
Starbase 185

Ensign Stephanie Carlile
npc Jones

Lt j.g. Wintrow Paragon
(Fighter) pilot
pnpc Seklar

○●● Lieutenant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq
Executive Officer
USS Merlin


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