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Calling For Help

Posted on Monday 6 November 2023 @ 19:48 by Lieutenant Nir’anyar & Commander Caroline Miller

Mission: The Search
Location: Sickbay - CMO Office
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Anya was leaning back in the chair, staring at the ceiling still in hiding after the incident with Draxx and Matthew. Word had already started to spread around the ship that she was pregnant which wasn't exactly the truth but in many ways it wasn't a falsehood. Instead she had gone into hiding, avoiding people so she didn't have to answer any questions or face Draxx or even Matthew.

Thankfully sickbay was also quiet, the night shift having started about an hour ago meaning the primary sickbay was manned by only a single nurse and all cases directed through the secondary sickbay down on deck twelve. The lights were off in the main sickbay, only the display lights blinking softly to themselves while her office was dimly light, some would call it mood lighting but in truth, if anyone walked in they would assume the office was vacant also. Until the communications terminal on the larger system display behind her desk started to chime with an incoming subspace communication. The security identifier caught her by surprise. Medical Priority One.

"Computer, open channel, security access code Anya Delta two five nine". the Starfleet emblem rotated for just a moment before the usually cheerful visage of Doctor Mel D'BrooNi appeared looking less than cheerful on this occasion.
"Doctor D'BrooNi... How can I help you?"

“Doctor Niran’yar. Deep space 21 has a serious problem,” The Trill doctor said. All to business. Actually she suspected two but one hurdle at a time. This one was threatening the most deaths.

“And I don’t know how far it’s spread. You were docked here when they returned back. You need to immediately start scanning your crew for this virus, I’m sending you everything I have.

The second issue is I have not found a way to combat it yet. I am reaching out to all medics for help.”

"I can review your data... However, I can see you are scared. Mel what is this virus? Do you want me to order Captains Jones to turn Merlin around under medical orders so we can assist?" Anya asked, waiting for the data packet to arrive but in the years she had known Mel the Benzite had never seen the Trill as afraid as she was right now.

"Merling has the most advanced medical facilties in the region. We could help?"

“Negative. We are on full lockdown and I do not want you endangering your ship any further. Also you could be playing into the hands of the sons of bitches who have send this biological attack. Imagine them getting their hands on one of the fleet’s fastest and most powerful flagships.

Can I trust you Anya?” She asked seriously her eyes betraying there was far more she was frightened off. She had to try trust someone. “Switch to emergency medical channel Sierra Nightingale 42.”

"Of course... Mel, what the hell is going on?" concern for her friend mounting.

"I am beginning to wonder if the station is being infiltrated. At the highest level. And I'm being watched by those bloody TKon. They seem so interested in my pregnancy. Its wigging me out. After weeks of indifference and just popping up everywhere I seem to go one offered to actually help earlier. And Keiben - he's not Keiben anymore Anya. Hes cruel and cold. All business and picking fights. That's not my husband. D'BrooNi squirms like crazy now if he's near me. Not that that's often these days, I might as well move out," she told her. "I'm wondering if its connected to this virus."

"Why would you need a hair piece... You do not appear to have thinking hair?" Anya was confused, but then again most common place sayings seemed to elude her even at the best of times.
"Are you sure that the Commodore and yourself are not just having a bit of a rough patch. Have you thought about Counselling?"

"Perhaps but somethings wrong. Different. I know it Anya. I don't feel safe for some reason," she said sadly. "Like I need to get away from him."

"Mel... Have you spoken to a Counsellor? I can ask Caroline to contact you if you feel more comfortable with someone outside of your chain of command?"

Anya was genuinely worried about Mel now. She had seen how happy she was with Commodore Haistro, not that happy since she had met her first husband. Fr her to be feeling like this then something was off, be it in the relationship or perhaps something else.

"Do you want me to request some leave and come to the station?"

"No. And put your life at risk with this virus. Anya no," she told her firmly. "You couldn't anyway. I've ordered a full lockdown. All I need you to do is look over the data and see if you have any ideas how we can tackle this. Help on the virus not my marriage."

Anya acknowledged receipt of the data packet that Mel has sent but she paused a moment. She was seriously considering ignoring her friends advise and requestioning a runabout to take her and a hearty number of medical supplies right back to Deep Space 21, she thought better of it though. Breaking an imposed quarantine could mean the end of her career should she survive the virus.

"As soon as your situation is resolved I'm coming to see you... No arguments!"

Mel nodded. "Okay. Right I got to go Anya. There's too much to do here. Too many people I need to see and try treat. I will try keep you updated."

The Trill smiled at her, clearly tired. "Take care my friend."


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●● Lieutenant Nir’anyar
Chief Medical Officer
USS Merlin


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