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Retriving Melody

Posted on Thursday 30 November 2023 @ 21:55 by Captain Melody Jones & Civilian Sansa Draxx-Jones & Lieutenant Commander Ras th'Zaanaq

Mission: The Search
Location: The Nexus
Timeline: No Meaning
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Sansa and Ras found themselves standing outside a log cabin. It was set in a forest with a lake nearby. the sun was shining down and the smell of home cooking was in the air. It was an idyllic setting. Sansa looked around for a moment. it was beautiful, she could see why her mom wanted to stay here. The faint sound of someone playing the piano also wafted through the air.

The Andorian Commander glanced around his new environment. It was nice, for humans, but it didn't compare to the beauty of Andorian.

Sansa walked up and knocked on the door. A woman answered who Sansa immediately recognised as her grandmother, only she was about 35 years old.

"Yes, can I help you..." Seemingly not recognising her own granddaughter.

Sansa reminded herself she was only an illusion and responded "Yes, is Melody here, we really need to speak with her."

The woman smiled at them "Of course, She's just practising her piano. Come in. Would you like some lemonade?"

"No Thank you," Sansa said as she went past her into the house. They found the source of the music. In the living room, Melody was sitting playing the piano. Her eyes closed, a smile on her face as she played.

Ras raised his hand to decline the offer of lemonade as he followed Sansa into the house. They seemingly followed the sound of the music.

"Mom..." Sansa said softly.

Without missing a note, Melody opened her eyes and looked from Sansa, then to Ras and then..... closed them again and continued playing.

"Mom!" Sands said, firmer this time.

"No, I don't want to see her, now now. Bring me something pleasant." Melody said as she continued to play. As if in response to Melody's demand, the woman who had let them in now entered carrying a tray of milk and cookies which she set on a small table next to Melody. "Here you go sweetie."

Still ignoring them, Melody picked up a cookie and a glass of milk.

Sansa half turned and whispered to Ras. "She thinks we're part of this.... illusion."

Sansa stepped closer to Melody. Melody took another bit of her cookie and frowned. "Hmm, usually when I don't want something it disappears straight away. Why are you still here?" Then she raised her voice, addressing the room as if it were listening "Why are they still here?"

Sansa took Melody by the hand, fighting back tears. "Mom.... It's me."

Melody now looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. "Sansa? Is it you... Oh, my child!" Shwe hugged Sansa fiercely. "Oh, My baby. I'm so... so sorry..."

Ras stepped forward, "Captain Melody, I'm Lieutenant Commander Ras. I've been sent by Admiral Jackson to find out what has happened to the Merlin. How did you encounter this nexus?" He asked curiously.

Melody was still focusing on Sansa who had broken off and was looking around. "I'm not here? In your perfect life am I? Is this why you didn't want me to come to the Nexuxs? Why you sent me away?" She asked quietly, tears running down her cheeks. Anger at the apparent abandonment bubbling just beneath the surface.

Melody looked down, unable to meet her gaze. "Oh, Sweetie of course not It's just. I wanted you to be safe. I never had any of this..... I was ashamed... Selfish... Please forgive me."

Just then the other woman came back in "It's almost bedtime sweetie. Don't forget to brush your teeth and then I'll read you a story."

Why does grandma look so young? And why are they treating mum like a kid? Sansa thought and then it hit her. They all saw her like a child. This was what her mom had wanted. The childhood she never had with her parents she lost. It's what Sansa wanted too. How could she be mad at her mother for wanting what she herself wanted?

She lifted Melody's face up to look at her. "Mom. It's ok. I understand and I forgive you but you must know none of this is real, no matter how much you want it to be. Your real family needs you now. I need you."

Melody looked around and finally back to Sansa, nodding as she accepted the bitter sweet truth in Sansa's words. "I think you and I need to spend more time together." She said eventually, finally allowing herself to smile once again. "When did you become so wise?"

"I get it all from you..." Sansa replied as she hugged her again. "And a bit from Dad." She added with a grin.

"Your father! We have to find him." Melody said, fully removing herself from the fantasy around her.

She now turned to Ras. "Apologies Commander. We were on our way back to Federation Space. Oh, Captain Melody Jones, It's a pleasure to meet you."

"Captain." Ras replied with a respectful nod as he offered his hand for the Captain to shake.

She shook his hand before continuing her story. "As I said, we were on our way back to Federation space when our engines and long range sensors went offline. We were adrift. We suspected it was sabotage and were trying to effect repairs when the short range sensors picked up the Nexus heading straight for us with very little warning time. I got Sansa and the boys into a shuttle before I returned to the bridge just as the energy wave hit us. I just had time to activate the ECH before I blacked out and found myself in the Nexus with the rest of the crew to begin with. Then we seem to have split off into various disconnected fantasies. It seems like it was only a few moments ago."

"You've been missing for several days, Captain." Ras began to explain. "We need to get you and your crew out of this nexus..." he said as he glanced around at his surroundings. "...and get you all back on board the Merlin. She needs repairing before we can get her underway again."

"Several days!!!" Melody repeated, shocked. She took one last look around this fantasy that she had created then gripping Sansa's hand said "Let's go find your father."

The room they were standing in started to dissolve around them...


●●●● Captain Melody Jones
Commanding Officer
USS Merlin

Sansa Draxx-Jones
Marine Biologist
USS Merlin

Lieutenant Commander Raz th'Zaanaq
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