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Learning the ropes

Posted on Saturday 24 April 2021 @ 06:05 by Lieutenant JG Rylov Carter

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Personal Log Lieutenant (JG) Rylov Carter:
The pilots on the USS Merlin minus the newly pilots that came aboard with me are starting to become a bit lax. I don’t know what the cause of this lax and almost lazy attitude is but I will have to talk to the CAG about it. I had a great conversation with the Captain and I certainly didn’t get that impression from the Captain or any of the senior members when I met with them a couple days ago. I need to figure out the source of this before it spreads to the new pilots. Especially with a new mission coming up.
End log.

Rylov made his way to the office of the Commander Air Group for the 29th Tactical Air Group. LtCol Kralok was a Klingon warrior who went from service with the Klingon empire to service with Starfleet. She stood at 6’4” with a very strong muscular frame, dark brown hair that was starting to show bits of grey, and a dark complexion. Despite her advanced age LtCol Kralok was still a very intimidating figure. Rylov took a moment to collect himself before addressing the senior officer, “Colonel I came to talk to you about the state of the pilots on this ship.” LtCol Kralok and LTJG Carter went over the roster of the 4 separate squadrons and the fact that she had allowed some of the pilot’s discipline to slip due to the fact that she was retiring. They went over more info on the structure of the Air Group before eventually calling it a night.

Personal Log Lieutenant (JG) Rylov Carter supplemental:
After meeting with Colonel Kralok she told me she was retiring after this mission. This appears to be the source of the problem within the pilots. Colonel Kralok told me with her retirement soon she had allowed the pilots to become lax. She appointed me as Wing Commander, and wanted to reach out to Commander Tillatix on possibly becoming acting CAG when she left. I guess a couple of the newer pilots had me as an instructor during their time in the Academy, and spoke very well of me. Colonel Kralok said she would work on cleaning up the admin records of the pilots and crew members, and she would allow me the freedom to see to the training and logistics of day-to-day operations. This is a welcome change to my normal routine from Starfleet Academy.
End log.


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