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First Day

Posted on Sunday 4 October 2020 @ 21:01 by Ensign Michael Sevmet

Ensign's Personal Log. Stardate *******

Well it's my first day. My transfer orders from the USS Lexington were successfully logged in at 10.00 hrs, and I FINALLY have my own quarters. Thank god this vessel is so big! I'm just about done sharing a cabin with Ensign Taylor. One less source of stress on my mind!

I'm not due to start my assignment until tomorrow at 07.00 hrs, so I've had time to unpack and set up Lola's holographic emitters. She was pleased to see me when I brought her online, but then she's always pleased to see me. She was even more pleased when she found out I hadn't forgotten her tug toy or Mr Duck. I played with her until she needed a nap. Then I went to check out the Mess Hall. Hopefully run into some of my new colleagues.

This ship is seriously impressive. I can't wait to check out the holodeck - maybe write a new park program for Lola to run around in.

End Log.


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