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    Some Enchanted Evening Part 3

    Posted on Sunday 19 May 2019 @ 22:22 by Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Lieutenant Marbim Rejal

    Mission: The New Collective
    Location: Holodeck 4
    Timeline: Before leaving the Research Station


    Backstory: Sav and Miles are on a date on the Holodeck at the beaches of Risa. Miles had ordered food in a picnic basket so they could dine while watching the sunsets. As it was still early, they decided to go for a swim, while performing trysts of words and actions in feeling each other's moods and romantic inclinations out for this first official date together.

    Marbim (Miles), with a dreamy look on his face, watches as Sav begins drying her legs and arms. Hesitantly he starts working on drying off her tail, starting at the base of her spine, and slowly working his way out. As he dries, he runs his fingers through Sav's hair to make sure it is all dry before moving on to a new section.

    Sav stills herself as Miles starts at the base of her tail. She holds steady to let him work the towel through her fur moving away from the tail base. She manages not to jump at the beginning of each touch at that intimate area of hers. She still feels it affecting her, both in a yummy way, and also a bad way. She waits till he gets out past at third of her tail before she begins moving again.

    She leans backwards to look at him upside down, to give him the same he had given her earlier, without realizing it also gave him a valley to look down because she was female. She smiled to him and said, "Thanks... I didn't jump away... that's... good. Lahke Ah said, tail close to t'e body is intimate.. so tanks fer the gentle touch, Miles."

    Once Miles realizes he's been staring down her cleavage he gulps, "Uh, sorry, what did you say, you got me distracted, oh the tail, well you did say that the gentle touch was the way to go rather than an iron grip...right, you did say that, right?" The look on his face is so hand in the cookie jar at the moment...

    Sav's face tilted as she wondered why the sudden flustering of Miles. She nodded and replied, "Yes, correct, dearest Sir." She closed her eyes and blew him a kiss, then came out of her backwards lean to continue to dry her limbs off. It was only then she realized the view she had given Miles as a blush crept over her muzzle. She felt, she felt, so many emotions, wanting to go hide in embarrassment, but yet, she stayed. She churred out in a questioning voice, "Umm, was I pleasing to you.... or.. maybe not??"

    "WOW, yes, now come here you sneaky woman you," as he laughs he tries to catch her face to plant a hungry kiss on her lips. She can guess that the heat coming off him is from him expressing desire/lust/something naughty.

    His words sound sweet in Sav's mind as it reaffirms what Melody had been telling her, she was cute and pleasing to guys eyes for her looks, not just for being female. As she feels his hands upon her muzzle and face, she twists her body so as to get her head to face his, only to find his lips now upon hers. His body is warm, warmer than before, and it dawns on her that his body is letting her know he is getting turned on by her. She feels slightly giddy from this realization, as well as feeling a clench about herself at the same time.

    She closes her eyes to enjoy the kiss, truly feeling out with her lips, then darting out with her tongue to taste, to gently stroke her whiskers along his cheeks. Churrs are sounding out even as heat rises from her muzzle from the blush upon it. And, in the midst of this delightful kiss, her stomach makes its presence known again.

    Sav laughs as she finishes turning around to fully face Miles even as she brings her tail around. She says, "Okay, finish dry, meal, and then the sunset awaits." She winks at him and continues, "Now we both can finish my tail so that we can get to eating before our stomachs eat us."

    Laughing, Miles is all smiles, "Yes mam. Tail first, then food..." stopping for a moment Miles looks over at the basket, "hopefully the gagh hasn't squirmed their way out of the container..." and then he catches on to what he says, grabs his towel and sets to gently drying Sav's tail off.

    The nuance of the subtle mature reference was lost upon Sav. Her immediate association of 'Gagh' was 'Klingon Roomate' for Miles academy life. Thanks to the first fifth of her tail dry, she can now have it out in front of her with the dried part coming around from tail bone to waist. She quickly shows Miles the fastest way to rub their towels over her tail to get it damp dry, knowing her oils would finish the job quickly.

    With her tail dried off, she brings it back to its normal position behind her and shakes it, letting the hair flounce and to help mist and spread her oils. She grins at Miles, "Change first, then eat?"

    His face flush, Miles looks at her, holding her gaze, "Sure, do you need any assistance taking anything off or putting anything on?"

    Sav's expression froze for a second. To show.. to show... she wasn't ready, not yet. There was nothing physically left to show what happened, and all of the surgeries she went through to become whole again. Psychologically was another different level all together. She had been without clothes in front of Melody, but that was different, Melody was her best friend.. slated to be fellow wife, well, not any longer, no, maybe not even best friend. Sav swallowed, trying to unlock her brain freeze. She finally blurted out, "I... I... I... uh.. would like.. help.. but.. n-n-n-not ready yet.. please be alright with this.. please..."

    Miles reaches out and lightly kisses the end of her nose, "No worries milady, now go get changed before we both fall over from lack of food, and no peeking while I'm changing." He'll gently turn her around and gently start her walking towards where her clothes are stashed, "and you better hurry up, because I asked the Chef to prepare some of your favorites for us to share, so, whatever's in the basket may not be there soon if you dilly dally, did I really just say dilly dally ugh," laughing at himself, he finishes drying off and with a glance to make sure Sav isn't sneaking a peek will exchange his wet trunks for his other outfit, sans the boots as the sand feels nice on his toes.

    Sav relaxed at the kiss on her nose as well as assuaged by his words. She giggled at 'no peeking', his eating all of the goodies, and his old Cine words. Her mom used to use those words, 'Dilly Dally', and it was comforting. She went over to her area to change. Making sure she could not see him, which meant he could not see her, she stripped off her onesie and finished drying. While Miles was probably already dry, she had fur, and thus was not. After making sure she was only lightly damp, she put back on her outfit.

    Sav knew Miles would already be changed and so strode out to where the foot was, preparing herself to dig it out and arrange it for her date only to find Miles had already arranged the delights for them. She blushed lightly, not used to being served. She giggled in slight embarrassment as she said, "Miles, I could have served the food for us."

    "Oh no, I asked you out remember. Now, for my choices, we have roasted heart of targ with root vegetables, the meat and taste are similar to beef, but has a naturally smokey aftertaste. The moving items are gagh, they're considered a delicacy. I found that by dipping several into the blue sauce, they stop moving long enough to eat them. The sauce is both spicy and sweet, like you. For dessert, I had them make us some more of that Creme thingy you got us, and also some rokeg blood pie, which again has both a salty and sweet taste as its made from the blood of the Targ. I like eating these dishes when I can as Cardassian food is just, well, bland. Now I know the Chef said he packed some of that yummy stew you ordered us, but there are also two containers of something else he said you liked eating, so I don't know what they are and left them alone. Is it too much, or not enough?"

    Sav's eyes opened wide at all of the foodstuffs spread before them. She churr-giggled as she said, "Wow, that is... a lot of food." She moved over next to him to take his arm before continuing. "I'm not security, or a football guy, so this is way more than I could eat in several sittings... if you consider them a full meal." She sat down facing the ocean where the suns were setting, and then patted the spot beside her. "However, if we consider this a sampling buffet, well, let's enjoy."

    Sav glanced at Miles with a mischievous look, then said while picking up a gagh, "Did I tell you I grew up in the swamplands? There are many critters around good eatin', and well, alive is just fine fer me." She tilted her head up and brought half of the gagh body into her muzzle, her needle like front teeth readily evident, while the rest of her teeth showed omnivore. She bit down onto the gagh, severing it in half, then opened her mouth to let the other half drop in. That done, she lowered her muzzle while chewing, lips closed, savoring the flavor of the gagh. She frowned slightly, swallowed, then said to Miles, "Not much flavor, rather its a corpse and garbage eater.. you only want to eat them if their the only things available... but why would they eat such a thing?"

    Laughing Miles shares, “It’s not for the flavor, it’s for the struggle of the worms fighting being eaten and then their death in the Klingons stomach. Klingons aren’t known for subtlety, a lot of their food and traditions revolve around life and death. I like them because we don’t have anything like them on Cardassia.” Looking around Miles snickers, “I guess I did go overboard with the food huh, I uh, didn’t want you to go hungry. Swamplands huh, what was that like? I grew up with my grandparents when I got into higher levels of school as my mom had died and no one else wanted me. They raise flowers, mostly medicinal, but some food ones too. I remember the smells of the house and gardens, somedays I miss those smells." He ends with a sigh looking out over the water, without thinking he reaches out and gently takes Sav’s hand in his absently running his thumb over her fingers.

    Sav churrs gently as he takes her hand. She leans up against him, feeling good that he is paying attention to her without deeper innuendo. She bursts out a short giggle, liking this official first date with him. She now says, "Well, that sounds like Klingons. Sounds like I will have to open those other two containers for us if I what I think they are is actually so." She telekinetically brings the two over, her ears focusing on them and she grins, saying "Alright, we're in business."

    She snuggles into Miles side a little further, then says, "The swamplands, well, a dichotomy of life and death. There is always a constant struggle by everything from plants, to insects, to reptiles, to mammals to survive. Apollonia is known for its medicinal plants and herbs, with pharmaceutical companies abounding. However, with its large trees, it was nice as a home for me as my race is tree dwelling. I do miss the smells, sights, and edible stuffs the swamp provides."

    Sav lifted one of the containers with her telekinesis and used her other hand to open it. She was NOT going to remove her hand from Miles as this was just right for the evening. There was movement inside. Sav reached in and removed what looked like a caterpillar without legs that was as thick and long as a gagh. She winked to Miles and said, "Now these... these have taste." She lifted her muzzle, then dangled the critter into her mouth and chomped. She opened and finished dropping the other half in. She chewed, and said around the chew, "Pecans, buttery fats, creamy... " She finished chewing then held the container over to Miles and grinned. "No need to not taste this one."

    “Well here’s to hoping I’m not allergic to whatever this is,” with a big grin he finds the biggest one, and drops it into his mouth. Chewing slowly, he coughs, “Hmm, very tasty, much better than Gagh. Maybe our next date you can show me your home world, swamps and all. Now, what’s in that last container?”

    Sav put the lid back onto the spiney worms and picked up the other container. As she did, she said, "Well, here is hopin' fer swamp Grits or swamp Grieben..." She opened the container and churred out, "Grieben! YAY!" inside were these roasted grubs that were of small head, tiny legs, and large body looking like a piece of fried pork fat. Sav reached in and grabbed three, popping them into her mouth and chewing with a very pleasurable look on her face. She turned to look at Miles with that expression as she said, "Baconnnnnnn." She offered the container to him.

    With an odd look on his face he reaches out and picks up three, “If these don’t taste like baco you might get spanked!” Tossing them in his mouth Sav can hear him chewing the Grieben. Once he swallows, he looks at Sav, “I guess you’re off the hook, those taste better than the bacon I had at the academy cafeteria. What other morsels have you held back my dear?”

    Sav blushed and giggled. She easily picked up the nuance of his meaning. It was strange, actually, for her, as she had been under the toluene poisoning for so long she had missed those subtle nuances, and here, now they were directed at her. She sighed as she rubbed her muzzle along his shoulder, then neck, then finally said, "Oh so much hidden behind broken dreams... I.. I.. want to experience them with you.. in time." Time is what was needed for Sav, to relax, to relate, and to not feel threatened when a male desired more than just 'her' being there. She looked over the setting suns, and said, "Look, the sunset. I want... I want... to be here with you, enjoying the sunset.. please. I want.. our first date, to be the best ever."

    Without saying anything Miles kind of scoots and picks Sav up so that she is on his lap with her resting against his chest and both his arms are lighty wrapped around her. In a quiet voice, he adds, "This is something my people have forgotten to do, watch sunsets and sunrises. Our gaze seems constantly on some prize, I think that's one of our cultural flaws. We are always seeking an advantage over the other guy, be that our parents, or an enemy, we never take the time to smell the flowers, or watch something relaxing with someone beautiful."

    Sav squeals out in laughter as Miles scoops her up and places her within his protective grip. She rests back into his chest, snuggling, as she holds onto his arms around her. He was not trying anything funny, just holding her, and making her feel wanted without being 'wanted', which was exactly what she was needing. She listened intently to what he was saying, a churr sounding out form her chest for him. She responds to his words, a deep longing within her voice. "They have forgotten the prize of the beautiful creating moments with their friends and loved ones, that those moments build upon treasure worth more than material, that they bring the immaterial into being with a connection that strengthens over time, to become a reliance and a strength." She brings Mile right hand up to her muzzle, gives it a kiss, then brings it back down to grasp about her middle. She churrs as she looks out over the sunset, feeling... feeling contented and wanted for a change and not 'wanted' as with in her nightmares. She whispers out, "Thank you Miles, for just being with me."

    While kissing the top of her head, "You are welcome, and thanks for saying yes to the date. This is very comforting, again, not something many of my people know about. It would be nice to stay here for eternity, but at some point I guess we'll have to return to our 'real lives'." he chuckles at the last part.

    Sav churred gently as she fully relaxed into Miles chest, her tail to the right and then up behind him supporting him. The sunset unfolded into is magnificence before the two with the surf gently creating is sounds around them.


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