Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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CAG - Fighters and Friends

Posted on Friday 7 July 2017 @ 03:27 by Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix & Commander Melody Jones

Mission: Escape from Dark Ventures, Sav's Tail
Location: Deck 39, Drop Bay Upper Level
Timeline: First Day out from Starbase - 1800 Hours


Sav looked over her fighter craft, the Valkyrie Venita, as it rested in its maintenance frame. She knew there were the new fighters on board, but had not had a chance to fly one yet due to her surgery and recovery during shore leave. She didn't even know what the plans were for replacement and-or deployment into what groups. Plans had been drawn up more than likely, but it all hinged on test flights and verifications.

She glanced over at several people in the maintenance bay looking her way. As soon as they saw her looking, they quickly resumed their duties or tasks they had been doing. Sav returned to facing Venita, then closed her eyes and sighed. It was hard to feel the eyes of the crew looking for her, finding her, following her, mired in whatever dark thoughts they were thinking about her. She did not know how much was known by the crew about the surgeries, the imprints, or the dungeon portion of her life that had almost succeeded in killing her, but any of that knowledge would more than likely force a new direction on their thinking of her, and probably not in a good way.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts, then climbed onto Venita's wing, and then into the open cockpit. Settling in, she stroked over the controls. Of course, right now, she could only feel the telltales of self check systems active as the main electronics and computer system that was Venita was shut down. She sat there, thinking about the Romulan fighter firefight, and debating on if she should fire Venita up to have someone to be with, even if just in diagnostics mode.

Crewman Wyn Rhoderick walked into the shuttle bay. There some errors cropping up with the new upgraded sensor software and she was here to see if she could do some troubleshooting. She was surprised to see Save'ena sitting in the cockpit of her fighter.

She walked over and stood next to the canopy. She spoke with mock authority "I hope your not planning on any fancy flying. Restricted duty means just that! No acrobatics! Besides, with the sensor software as it is now, who knows where your end up." She relaxed her tone and laughed before asking "How are you feeling, better?"

Sav's muzzle had turned towards Wyn upon hearing her first words. She blushed at the admonishment, and then began a light churring at the question. She answered, "Ahma doin' betteh, especially asa Ah ama me now with the imprints broken and gotten rid of." She snorted out in light humor, "And, don't mind meuh speech. T'ey removed ah trahnsporteh beacon froma me brain ana side affect is my speech goes in and out of my home dialect. It is slowly goin away, buta still comes ana goes, ayuh."

Wyn looked at her concerned. "Someone put a transporter beacon inside your head. Who would do that?"

Sav sighed, "Whoever put it there had it in my long term memory area, and I don't have to tell you what coulda happened ifin t'ey trahnsported some blood inta t'at area..." She shook her her head, "Itsa gone now, so tis good." She caressed over Venita's controls. "Ah don't know how much scuttlebutt there is about my surgery, and what it all entailed, but I can answer any questions you be havin ahbout it, ifin yah need."

"There's not that much going around but I'll keep my ears open. This surgery, you wont be needing any more?"

Sav sighed out in relief. She replied, "That's good, not much. So the stares and being left alone is concern and wonderment, not the worse I was thinking." Shaking herself to clear her head, she looked at Wyn with a grin, "Ona more surgeries, nope. T'ey did three surgeries, mesh ana beacon, left kidney, finahlly left ovahrie. No more isa needed. Now Ah just haveta wait fer toluene poisoning tah leave. Anotheh two months, ayuh."

Wyn's nose twitched "As long as your getting better that's good enough for me. Come on, I could use your help with this sensor software. The update time on the primary sensor feed is lagging but I cant find what causing it."

Sav hurmphed in humor, saying, "Yah got it." She climbed out of Venita, stroking over the control panel one last time, before turning to Wyn and saying, "Lead t'e way, MacDuff." However, instead of just jumping off of the wing, she went to the ladder and carefull climbed down it. Turning, she blushed and said to Wyn, "Ah am on light duty for three months. Even with advanced surgical techniques, I need time to heal because of how extensive t'e surgeries wereun. Ah hope yah unnerstand."

Wyn nodded "Course I understand. That's why I was concerned that you were going to pull off some fancy flying when you should be resting."

Sav shook her head, then said, "Nota worry. Just needin' tah be with Venita a bit, tah find me anchor, tis all." Sav followed Wyn. As she did, when she saw someone looking her way, instead of turning her muzzle and eyes towards the floor, she would smile and wave to them to let them know she was doing okay. She burst out in a giggle.

The sudden outburst surprised Wyn and she looked around curiously. Her nose twitched slightly "Something amusing?

Sav snorted in humor and replied, "Oh, I was waving to others to let them know I am okay, when the thought struck me, 'As okay asa Ah can be fer havin' been ina slave dungeon fer four months ana havin mah insides surgeried twice.'" A slight giggle escaped Sav again as she followed up with, "Ita just struck me asa funny. Ah guess me mind isa still dealin' with it, tis all."

They reached the diagnostic console and Wyn strayed studying the readout her look changed to that of confusion "I still can't work out what's causing the lag. The signal from the sensors are coming in normally but then the display isn't updating at the usual speed. It's very frustrating"

Sav nodded to Wyn. She glanced up at her offices, then back down to the diagnostic console. She now asked, "Did you want to go to my office and check the feeds there? If my office is not updating at the usual speed, then it is a data link error. If my office is, then we have narrowed it down to this specific console.. Mmm'kay?"

Wyn nodded "Sounds goo to me."

Sav watched Wyn quickly leave and she turned to look at the console in question. She dropped to one knee and removed the base cover. Reaching inside to appear to be fiddling, she touched the main link control interface and dove into the electronics. ~Okay, mister, why are you being so slow?~

She was surprised to find a piggy back program running behind the main program, one that was designed to monitor all sensor feeds in the flight deck. She checked for the usual tags and found none. It wasn't security, XO, or Captain. While the feeds did go through this console, it was not designed to ever interface and monitor them, and thus was being grossly slowed down.

Sav hit her comm badge. =/\= Crewman Rhoderick, Lt. Tillatix. Ah found t'e problem. Circuit feed slowdown. Pahlease bring me two router junctions ana one sensor cable."

=/\=Copy that Lieutenant, I'll have a look in the stores and be right up.=/\=

A few minutes later, Wyn appeared carrying two router junctions.

She reached into her sashe and brought out her small tech tools. First, she put a picture of the immediate sensor feeds into state memory, then gave it to the background program. Now she put the console into tech mode, then cut the feeds into it at the junction points. Reaching behind her, she said, "Ah junction, pahlease." She put the first junction before the feed into the Console. She reached behind her again and said, "Secon' junction, pahlease." This she put into the feed after the console.

Wyn watched closely, and with respect as Save'ena quickly and efficiently made the modifications.

With those mods done, she reached behind her and asked, "Sensor Cable, please." She now bridged the junctions together, removing the sensor suite feed entirely from the diagnostics console. With that done, she removed the static picture from state memory. The background program, no longer finding any sensor data, went into hibernate mode and the diagnostics console returned to normal functioning. Sav shook her head and told Wyn, "Somebody put a program into the console to monitor all sensor data for visual/audio in the drop bays. The console lagged out because of it. While starfleet thought it expedient to just route the sensor data through this console, it was never designed to monitor that data, so I bridged it off."

Wyn frowned at the explanation. "Why would someone want to monitor all the sensor data in the drop bays? Why not use the primary system?" She thought for a moment. " The only reason I can see, the feed would be untraceable as it bypasses the safety protocols. Who? Who did this?"

Sav returned the console to operational mode and closed the panel. As she did, she responded to Wyn, "Nota clue. Twas not XO, Captin, or Security. Ah left it ina place fer ops tah check out tah find culprit." Sav paused a moment, looking back at the console. Melody had a stalker and he, or she, could have put this in. But, why in the drop bay? Melody rarely came down.. then again, Melody came down more often than not because of being a flyer. "Ah will let security know also about this."

Sav's stomach growled. She snorted out in laughter and said, "Ah think ah might be ah tad hungry. Wanna go get some chow?"

Wyn was still concerned with this apparent breach of monitoring protocol. "Save'ena, I don't like this one bit." She was also aware that she had not had much to eat today and was very hungry. She softened slightly, her nose twitched "Ok, lets go get some grub. Maybe we can try and figure out who was spying on the hanger bay, and why."

Sav nodded, then replied, "Grub first. Cannah t'ink well ona empty stomach. This way." Sav led the way to the turbolift. Once on board, she touched the control interface.. and found someone monitoring the turbolift. She spoke out, "Senior Officers Mess, please." She smiled to Wyn and said, "As my Assistant, you get a get in free card. Senior officeh chow even bettah than officeh."

"Sounds good to me." Wyn replied as the pair headed off to the mess.


Lieutenant Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
CAG / Uroboros Squadron Leader
Bridge Command Specialist
USS Merlin

Crewman Wyn Rhoderick
CAG Personal Assistant
Fighter Maintenance Tech
USS Merlin


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