Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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Surprises, in a good way - Life is looking up

Posted on Thursday 6 July 2017 @ 23:15 by Lieutenant Commander Save'ena (Sav) Tillatix


==== Save'ena's Quarters ====

Sav sat there in her quarters. She rarely did personal logs, yet, this one seemed... appropriate. Several things had happened, all of them rather joyous, well, for her.

She touched the interface panel.

===== Lieutenant Commander Tillatix Personal Log =====
===== Direct Access Initiation Mode Stardate Stamp 239406.7 ====

Hello Log, it has been a while. The last one was... oh, shoot, back on the starbase right after they removed the mesh but the psychic imprints were not removed yet. Well, guess what, this is a happy log. I have had four great things happen, and I want to write them down for reading later in my life. This will be much better than the previous logs, that is for sure.

First, oh joyous day, I was transferred from CAG to Chief Flight Control Officer. Now, I realize, to many, this would seem a demotion, but for me, not in the slightest. I am a trained Bridge Command Speciliast, slated for Chief Flight Control Officer, then second officer, then XO, then finally becoming a Captain. At least, now I feel good about it since I am my own person. While CAG was fun in the flying, handling that many various races and full duty shifts when having never had classes or been prepared for it made for some interesting learning blunders. Again, fun.. glad I was able to help out... but CFO is where I want to be.

The second great surprise was that I get to keep Crewman Wyn Rhoderick as a personal assistant. As she and I were a team for CAG, she is now my Team for being CFO. I have less people to manage now, but I am still a department head with its tasks. Wyn will be a great help in this. Hmm, oops. In my elation at Melody telling me this, I haven't really asked Wyn if she is okay with this. Okay, that will be my next step, after this log.

Third awesome surprise was my rank, rather than being reduced as I went from CAG to CFO was that it was increased. I am now a Lieutenant Commander. Awesome... just Awesome. Of course, that means more responsibilities and understanding the chain of command and where I now fit into the command structure, but all of that can be covered. I made Lieutenant Commander. Yay. Yeah, unbecoming of an officer to be so pettily joyous, but, just, allow me this... YAY! Okay, out of my system.

Fourth growing greatful surprise, Lieutenant jg David Scarlet is interested in me. That.. is... so... COOL. Well, a minor background.. Melody and He are dating to draw out the Stalker who is following Melody around. However, that developed into more as they have an attraction and growing emotional bond. As Melody and I are 'lovers' in the Mephetian wife lifestyle, we are a package deal. We approached this with David (we were in each other's bodies, transporter accident, whole another story) and he decided to pursue dating with both of us. The dates have been great. Even though he cannot get me preg... wait, he may be able to. I don't know.. okay, cross that bridge when we get there. Still, I would gladly accept him as my male and Melody as my fellow wife for him. Future dates will tell.

So, those are the fun surprises that I wanted to do this personal log for. So much is happening as my life accelerates now that damage done by Mr. Thompson and Representative Eurytlus has been undone and I have my life back.

The only dampening on this is twofold - what of the stalker? what of Rep Eurytlus? The stalker has a thing for Melody, and we need to stop him so that we can grow as a threesome family. Rep Eurytlus spent five megacredits to get my chastity, life, and pelt. He got the first, almost succeeded in the second, and doesn't have the third. What if he comes back to get what he paid so much money for? Sigh, time will tell.

Okay, personal log, this is enough for this time. I will start writing more, I promise, especially has I am once more fully me, with a developing life to write about instead of the laments of being trapped. Welcome change, eh? Anyways, signing off.

===== Direct Access Lt. Cmdr. Tillatix Personal Log Termination ====


Lt. Commander Save'ena Amilia Tillatix
Chief Flight Control Officer
Bridge Command Specialist
USS Merlin


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