Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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A new beggining

Posted on Saturday 17 June 2017 @ 17:02 by Commander Melody Jones
Edited on Saturday 17 June 2017 @ 17:02


It's with mixed feelings I start this.....

Begin Commanders Personal log Stardate 239406.5

Someone once told me "You're used to winning, and you're not truly a leader till you've lost."

Well, today I feel like a leader. I've personally contacted the families of all eight who lost their lives. I knew, becoming a commander that loosing people was inevitable. Still, nothing quite prepares you for that feeling of knowing it was your orders that brought about those deaths.

I talked with Save'ena about this which helped immensely. I don't know what I would do without her here. I've transferred her to chief flight control officer. I'll feel better with her on the bridge.

While we have arrived at the Lazarus star, the investigation on the derelict Merlin we found is still ongoing. Commander Tan is heading that investigation.

Our new chief engineer is running a complete review of all systems on-board. if there is a problem anywhere, we need to find it. Especially if it contributes to what could happen.

I cant help but shake the feeling that our future is going to catch up with us sooner than we expect.

Young Mackenzie Tan is really coming on, I've arranged an exam for her. If she dose well, I'm considering making her an acting ensign. She has a natural talent for flying.

End Log.


Commander Melody Jones
Executive officer
USS Merlin.


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