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Commander Seklar

Name Seklar

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 190cm
Weight 82kg
Hair Color Chocolate Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Standing 190 centimeters tall, Seklar often finds himself plain towering over everyone but he's gotten used to it. Though he has light eyes, they often are expressionless even though he is quite capable of expressing emotion. If he's troubled or angry, they'll appear duller or appear to be flashing, and when he's in a good mood they'll generally appear to be sparkling a little.

His skin tone is green, though in the slightly darker range of his species. In general his expression is neutral, though to those who don't know him he might even appear annoyed or grim.

Seklar's figure is lean, like many of his species, and he possesses the sheer strength known to Vulcans. Due to having survived in a POW camp, his telepathic skills are quite honed and powerful, even though he remains secretive about the strength of his skill. He won't deny being a telepath, but he won't volunteer the information either. (Even of due to his Vulcan appearance that's very probable)


Spouse Sara T'eseri (ex-wife) T'Zera (ex-wife), Jadhen Dryad (Human/Minari) (deceased)
Children Twins:
Son Salai (2389)
Daughter Ishara (2389)

Ariel (2397)
He has no contact with his daughter as his ex-wife abandoned him not long after the child's birth, taking the baby with her and prohibiting further contact.
Father Selkar
Mother unknown
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Sathya, seven years older, but he has never met her
Other Family Not family but served as sponsor/guardian: Commander Eduard Gibson

Personality & Traits

General Overview Seklar often appears cold, though when one gets to know him one will discover that his coldness is just a mask to keep his distance. Underneath the mask is a very shy and suspicious person, but one capable of love and care if he feels like it. Over time, if you get to know him, he can even be downright friendly.

Strong telepath, developed out of necessity to survive. He follows no specific path such as Tu-Surak or Tu-jarok, but literally combines everything to a path that best befits him. He's not wholly without emotion, but it's generally visible only to those that know him well enough. To those that don't, he nearly always seems angry.

By fellow Vulcans, most notably those that 'surveyed' him when he was first rescued, he is designated as V'tosh Ka'tur - Vulcan without logic.

Due to his general reading disability, which he keeps fairly hidden, Seklar has been assigned a personal assistant to help him out with the processing of reports as well as writing up reports that need sending out. He can read, he just takes far longer to process what he is reading because he didn't learn how until he was 16 standard years old.

Seklar owns two cats, which he found on Starbase 47 while on shoreleave. There was a third green kitten which he gave to Zero One and One Zero, while keeping the dark/light grey tabby and the black with two white feet. He named the two female cats Tabby and Moor.

Over the years, Seklar has grown in maturity and has become quite the family man. He is close with Admiral Hurin, who he considers family.

After the destruction of the Nimitz, Seklar signed himself into Starfleet Medical for treatment of his stims addiction. Has since then stayed mostly sober though it takes serious effort.
Strengths & Weaknesses Seklar's main strength is his Vulcan heritage which, in his case, comes with a strongly developed telepathic skill.

His main weakness is that he lacks the apparent patience of his species and can come across as a little biased and intolerant, due to having grown up in a POW camp where it was everyone for himself. He is, however, still working on improving in this area, though it's tough going.

Another, currently well hidden, weakness, is that he is addicted to stimulants. For the moment he has his addiction under control, in that he is capable of function without letting his addiction getting the upper hand. He fears sleep so much he avoids it as much as possible until such time he cannot avoid it any longer, in which case he uses sedatives in the hope of having a nightmare free sleep period. He has sought and is now receiving help to cure himself of his addiction. (including a 2 month voluntary detention at Starfleet medical)

A more known weakness is that he has difficulty reading larger amounts of texts, and therefor has been assigned a personal assistant to help him in this area.
Ambitions Seklar pretty much lives day by day. He'll see in the morning what the day might bring and rarely plans far ahead. It's something he grew up with and is so used to that no matter what his tutors and mentors tried, they couldn't get him to plan years ahead on what he'd like to do with his life.
Hobbies & Interests Seklar prefers his private pasttimes to remain exactly that: private. Precious little is known about the man behind the officer because Seklar is extremely private. One almost needs to resort to torture in order for him to reveal his private prefernce about something. However, those that did crack the tough nut, know that in his off-duty time he enjoys spending time in the gym, practicing with his precious sword. The very sword he found in the camp, which had belonged to a fallen prisoner and which he had taken into possession for sheer survival purposes when he was but an early teenager.

Even though he's often seen practicing with the sword, he won't readily admit that he actually enjoys doing so. After all, to enjoy something is to admit to the emotion that comes with such a feeling.

A new 'hobby' is taking care of his two kittens which he named Tabby and Moor.

Medical Record

Injuries May not be administered stimulants without strict CMO supervision.
May not self medicate due to past history with stimulants and sedatives.

Suffered severe, life threatening, nightmares as the station's staff was 'put to sleep', which almost had him resort back to using stims and sedatives once he woke up.
Mental Health Seklar still suffers from nightmares, but does his best to stay off of the stims. Stressful situations however may have him relapse and use anyway. He is adamant about his replicator NOT being able to produce such substances, to reduce the risk of using. While he considers it a shameful condition to have, he is forthcoming about it towards the commanding officer, the chief medical officer and the chief counselor on any assigment.

Personal History Seklar was born in a (by Starfleet forgotten) POW camp in Dominion space, in 2361, though shortly after his birth he was literally stolen away from his parents. Thus, he doesn't know who his biological parents are or even whether he has any siblings. As an infant he was passed from adult to adult, whoever could feed him did so. By the time he learned to walk, he was expected to help scavenge for food and fend for himself. The first time he was thrown out of a shelter was when he was five years old; deemed old enough to go out and literally fend for himself.

Wherever he went, he found himself unwelcome because he'd be just another mouth to feed. He fought with other children for scraps the guards tossed them, and well before his seventh birthday he had learned how to kill. He killed a little girl after fighting with her over an item of clothing that they had found, and of course once he won it after he killed her in cold blood, he wore the item with pride.

His telepathic skills manifested themselves early, another cause for him to be shunned by fellow Vulcan prisoners, and even the handful of Humans and Andorians in the camp. Even the guards were wary of him, and mistreated him at their leisure. Seklar developed his innate skill on his own as a purely defensive measure, initiating mindmelds at will to just keep his attackers off him. Such strength has he, that he can literally destroy someone's mind if he chooses to do so, but such an act isn't without a price. It will leave him weak and defenseless, thus open to attack. And pay the price he did, well before he was ten years old. After killing the girl, he was literally snatched up by the guards and thrown into isolation for several days, without food or water, and not looked into by anyone. By the time he was released he was nearly beside himself with rage and bordering on going crazy.

Fortunately, he survived and came out of it even stronger, and more resolved to survive. He killed several times more, but also gained one friend whom he fiercely defended. A scrawny boy two years his junior who revered him like a big brother. It was the only time Seklar ever allowed anyone to get close to him, so far. The boy was Human, had the oddest shade of pale blue eyes and was utterly pale, almost white all over. Yet the child was smart and sensitive. Protecting the boy became one of his goals, so much that he telepathically destroyed the mind of one of the camp's guards when he was eleven years old. It earned him several hours of interrogation, after which he was tossed back into the camp while barely conscious. Robin, as the boy was called, took care of him until he was killed trying to keep Selkar from being attacked.

At age thirteen, Seklar had his first sexual experience after a young woman goaded him into it after she drugged him. She had offered him food and drink which were laced with sedatives stolen from the camp's infirmary.

In 2376, just after his fifteenth birthday, Starfleet invaded the camp and rescued all prisoners there. Feral and aggressive, Seklar tried to fight off the officers who tried to take him from the one home he'd ever known. Desperate to get away, he severely injured one of the security officers, before two others literally pinned him down and sedated him, before he could be carried off. He spent months in a mental ward on Vulcan, where healers tended to him, trying to clean him up. It was there, that his talent for engineering was discovered as, to pass his time, Seklar had gotten to simply repairing things on his own without being asked to do so. Eventually, just to keep him calm and out of trouble, healers started to bring him malfunctioning equipment, and alerted Starfleet on the youth's talent.

Encouraged by Commander Eduard Gibson, young Seklar applied for Starfleet Academy just as he turned sixteen, two years younger than was usual but Gibson had argued that Starfleet needed intelligent engineers. Even though Seklar was suspicious of Gibson's motives, the young Vulcan breezed through the academy, even though he often got himself into trouble. He was easily gotten into defensive mode and guarded his few possessions like a lion. If someone tried to take something off his desk, without his approval, he would simply lash out, without any apparent reason. Even food he will protect, and is unwilling to share it despite knowing there is sufficient nourishment available for everyone. It is something that is so ingrained, he is still learning to accept that food is not something to fight over.

Often, even after graduation, he was marked as an ingelligent yet asocial officer, with no people skill and a coldness that was beyond acceptable. Though Seklar tries to fit in, and be as Vulcan as is apparently expected of him, he has trouble doing so. He feels stared after, and cornered, yet he hides it all behind his mask of cold aloofness. He lets no-one gets close, though the very few that do manage to get through to him, discover him to be a very shy and insecure individual who is highly passionate about his work and is a fierce defender of the weak.

His free time, he is known to spend in the gym, wherever he may be, practicing with the sword he acquired from a fellow prisoner he killed over a few scraps of food.

Between 2381 and 2386 he wandered from position to position, mostly filling a chief engineer's position, but often enough a lower position just to be able to work. He is difficult to get along with at first, and no-one wanted to deal with a constantly cold and cranky Vulcan, who obviously wasn't suffering from the mating drive, but apparently was always this way. He found himself being avoided, and not be invited to crew gatherings or shoreleave events. On the outside, Seklar didn't seem to care, but on the inside it tore him nearly apart.

After being assigned to a powerplant in 2381 , for lack of anyplace to really assign him despite his brilliance, Seklar was told to report to the USS Illustrious as he'd just been promoted to commander, and executive officer. He wasn't given any choice in the matter, it was either accept the position or leave Starfleet as no-one really wanted him because of his lack of social skill.

So far, he seems to be getting along well enough with his new commanding officer, and he vowed himself to try and make this work. His biggest fear is being thrown out of Starfleet, and ceasing to be functional and useful. He has no life outside Starfleet as it is all he's ever known since being rescued. The one person he stays in frequent contact with is now Commodore Gibson, the man who sponsored him into Starfleet and followed him and stood by him his entire career. To Seklar, the man is almost like family.

In 2388, a few days after boarding the Illustrious, Seklar discovers he has become a dependent user (addict) of stimulants, to help him refrain from acquiring a decent sleep state. He, however, does not share this information with anyone as he considers it to be private, and his own problem.

While a tinkerer at heart, Seklar chooses to remain in the security field as this better suits his volatile temper. He still takes things apart for his own peace of mind, as it keeps him calm and focussed.

In 2389, Seklar enters Pon Farr and is forced to seek a mate. Since there is not enough time for him to return to Vulcan - a place he actually blatantly refuses to go - he takes up the offer of Doctor Jadhen Dryad, who becomes his wife. He will do his best to keep his promise that he'll take care of her, no matter what. As such, he can seem extremely protective or possessive of her, depending on the situation.

That same year, only a few months later, he is widowed when Jadhen is suddenly taken from him by the Skarik, who feared the Dark Ones might take her for their queen. Shortly before her death, her pregnancy sped up by the phenomenon in the Azure Nebula, Jadhen gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. Now alone, and his soul in shambles, Seklar struggles for his sanity and his ability to function. Due to that, he resorts back to his stimulant addiction.

Had a one-night stand with Lieutenant Haku Volkov in 2390, after she tricked him into consuming alcoholic beverages - which got him quite intoxicated. It is, however, unknown who exactly seduced who.

After the destruction of the USS Illustrious, Seklar transfers to the USS Nimitz with the rest of the crew and (against his clear wishes) promoted to captain. He resides on the Nimitz with his small family.

In 2390, he marries Captain T'Zera, the CO of the USS Crown, after successfully challenging her betrothed Nevarik. He discovered that Nevarik's father V'Del was involved in some of the psychological mal-treatment he endured as a teenager. T'Zera can trace her lineage back through her father's line to the imperial dynasties and as such carries the title 'princess'.

In 2394, unexpectedly, T'Zera was transferred away from Starbase Protector and recalled to Vulcan. Shortly after that transfer she unexpectedly had her bonding with Seklar broken. Seklar suffered greatly after the sudden breaking of their bond, does not understand why T'Zera had done it but never received an explanation. Any attempt at contact had gone without answer.

Now, picking up the pieces of his life, Seklar has transferred to the USS Camelot, trying to build a new life for himself and what remains of his family. To achieve such a transfer he turned to his very last resort: striking a superior officer. He needed the demotion to be allowed to serve as a starship XO. However Starfleet had different plans and suddenly reassigned him to the USS Nogura, whisking him away from a team he trusted and knew through and through.

Due to circumstances that brought on his Pon Farr early, Seklar was forced to speed up his relationship with the ship's CMO after finally starting to get settled on the Nogura. Since then his life has again changed as the whole ship's staff was reassigned to Starbase Poseidon, after the destruction of the USS Nogura. Finally settled, he has officially married Sara, and he is starting to find his feet again in his new combined family.

In 2397, his daughter Ariel was born but not long after her birth, Seklar came home one day only to find Sara and the baby gone and discovering his bond had been nothing more than an illusion. When contact was sought, it turned up nothing and Seklar ended up feeling used. Now forced to live with only a memory of his marriage which ended up being under false pretenses, Seklar has made it his sole purpose to move on, find a new balance between duty and his twins and just be the best father he can be for them.

After his now ex-wife disappeared with his daughter, Seklar had come to realize that perhaps being an XO on a large starbase was no longer the place for him to be. Deciding he really needed to spend more time with his remaining children, he made toughest decision in his life and gave up being an XO in favour of returning to his old love: engineering.
Service Record 2361 - Born in POW camp
2376 - Rescued by Starfleet
2378 - Joined Starfleet, being re-educated and excelling in engineering track
2381 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, Master's degree in Engineering and promoted to Lieutenant j.g.
2383 - Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned Chief Engineer, Starbase Thunderbird
2384 - 2381 - wandered from assignment to assignment, never staying anywhere for very long
2381 - Transferred to Earth, Chief Engineer of an important power plant
2388 - Transferred to USS Pioneer, Chief of Security
2388 - Assigned to USS Illustrious, Chief Tactical/Security Officer
2389 - Promoted to First Officer and Lieutenant Commander
2389 - Promoted to Commander
2390 - Promoted to Captain, transferred to USS Nimitz (despite many protests on his part)
2392 - Transferred to SB80, XO
2395 - Demoted to Commander, transferred to USS Camelot, XO
2395 - Transfered to USS Nogura, XO
2397 - Transferred to USS Merlin, CEO