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Holiday Simming

Posted on Thursday 10 November 2016 @ 04:53 by Captain John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Hey Guys,

The holidays are coming up quick with the US Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanksgiving is on the 24th, so, no logging will be required between 22NOV-27NOV.

Then from 17DEC-07JAN2017 no logging will be required. We'll have this plot wrapped up probably just after Thanksgiving and from there we'll put in at a port for leave until 07JAN2017 and start the new plot then.

While logging will not be required for those time periods, it is still very much encouraged :D

Also, one thing I have done since I started out as a CO in 2004 is a crew holiday party held in character, both on a chat and in logs. This year I think that I'd still like to try doing this, holding part on Discord and part through logs. For the chat part I usually open it up to the org and then any that want to lot with our simmers are invited to write a joint post through email and they and our crew post on each sim respectively. At the very least we will be having a crew holiday celebration in chat and logs :D. I usually hold the party the first or second weekend of December and we will be using the celebration to give out end of year awards and any promotions.

Something I need from everyone in order to make this work for the live session is a day and time on any of the following:



PM me and let me know, please include your time zone as well :).



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