Bring Her To Life
Lost Souls
Posted by Lieutenant Commander Cale Llewellyn DSci & Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.
Stardate 249407
Episode: Lost Souls
Mission Day:
MD 2, Overnight (Midnight-8am)


Location: Ocean Floor and Various
Speed: Stationary
Shields: Down
Hull: No Damage
Systems: Powered Down

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Issues and Moving On

Posted on Tuesday 11 July 2017 @ 04:52 by Commander John "Apollo" Barstow, M.D.

Greets All,

So, I'm sure you saw what happened earlier today. This has led to Jones, Miller and Tan leaving the sim. I am not going to discuss the situation beyond that and I wish and I wish all 3 well.

Now, that said, we need to continue to move forward and move on. IC Sav will have the bridge, OOC I'll direct things until Barstow returns. As far as XO, I haven't decided anything just yet, but will be soon. Let me know if you have any questions.



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